PT. Fitrafood International is an importer and distributor of premium food products.
Founded in 1995, we pioneered and introduced the concept of selling value added seafood and
cocktail snacks as convenient ready-to-eat products.

Using the main brands as Seafood King, Siepack, Fitra and Chef Fitra, we supply to major retail chains, hotels and restaurants in
Jakarta and in major cities in Indonesia.
Starting from a few items, we have expanded to hundreds of product items, ranging from crab stick to fish ball, from dim-sum to pastry puffs,
from tempura shrimp to salmon fish, from salad dressings to chili sauces, from seafood bento to chicken ravioli

All our products comply with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard which emphasizes food safety
and also comply strictly with the 'Halal' rules and regulations.
Our premium products can be prepared in many ways and can be presented in different menus that suit in many categories such as delicious appetizers,
main entrees, ala carte, and even for suki, steamboat, shabu-shabu, hot pot, and soup.
Hence our products are suitable for any occasions and for any meals ranging from breakfast, lunch, coffee break, afternoon tea, evening cocktail, to dinner.
Our products are also suitable for all ages.

Our Head Office is located in Tangerang, West of Jakarta, with branches in Bandung, Bali, Surabaya, and Yogjakarta.
Our mission has always been to provide fresh, healthy, and convenient products to fulfill customer's needs.
Our commitment in maintaining the freshness and the quality of our products has made us to be the market leader in
Indonesia who supplies premium food products and provides excellent services to our customers.